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2. (9-30-20) Newz 27 Walsh High School

Anchors: Paul and Saul (Challenge 2 (We Will Rock You), 1st Month of School, 4th Hr Videos, Sept BDs, Mr. Crawford Interview, Leathercraft, Snake found in hall, Weather by D'Neil

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Speed and Agility Drill 1-4

Students will learn different drills to increase speed.

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High Five, Down Low, Too Slow

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Introduction to Uniformly Accelerated Motion with Examples of Objects in UAM

This is an introductory lesson about Uniformly Accelerated Motion or UAM. I show examples of 5 different objects experiencing UAM, some are even in slow motion. We also learn my simple way of…

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KLAK 5th hour 2-29-2016

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5 Shot Movie Sequence

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Slow Motion - WSCN 2014/2015

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Too Slow

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