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Red and Yellow

What color do you make when you mix red and yellow?

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maths activities with marshmellows

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Kayla's Tobacco PSA

Kayla's Public Service Announcement to encourage others to stop smoking.

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The Dangers of Vaping With Matt Bellace, Ph.D - A Natural High Film

Matt Bellace, Psychologist and Comedian, talks about the dangers of vaping in a clear and easy-to-understand way. He conveys the seriousness of the consequences and also provides a positive and…

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2020 smoking PSA

this is my 2020 smoking prevention. I made this because I want people to stop smoking because it kills there lunges

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2020 Nicotine Addiction PSA

Nicotine has existed for a long time and is growing more stronger every year. This PSA will explain why you should not use nicotine products and what will happen to you if you do.

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Smoking PSA

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Smoking SalmonDocumentary

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