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2.12 Public Policy Problem Solving

Public Policies are government actions in the form of laws, rules, or regulations in response to a problem or issue that requires attention.

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Solving equations — beginner lesson — examples with a pan balance (pre-algebra)

This is a beginner video lesson (pre-algebra or 7th grade) explaining: WHAT are equations? What is the general idea as to how we solve equations? An equation is of the form (expression) =…

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2.5 Lesson

Finding all solutions to a polynomial, without a graphing calculator. All solutions include rational, irrational, and imaginary.

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2.3 Lesson

Review long and synthetic division. Using the factor and remainder theorems to find rational roots of a polynomial.

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There’s a Bird on my Head!

How will Gerald solve his problem? Is there really a bird on his head?

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