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Fridge Fitness Counting Challenge

Here is a little idea from Mrs. Lester. Any time you go to the fridge, choose an exercise to do and practice counting. You can count by 1's, 2,'s, 5's, or 10's. Have fun and…

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Sort 33

Sort 33 explanation

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Hello from Miss Missi and Seamus

Hi Friends! WE MISS YOU! Seamus and I are are excited to talk to you about how you can keep learning while you are at home. We hope you are staying safe and healthy!

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Johnny Hammers

"Johnny Hammers" Traditional Teaching Focus: Singing & Steady Beat Note: This video is intended for distance learning purposes only. Please do not share this video with others.

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Story of the Teddy Bear

This is the story about how Theodore Roosevelt inspired the creation of the "teddy bear". Created for an elementary school classroom.

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Meet A Skunk

Join Cami as she gets to meet a skunk and explore it's world!

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Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Titles and Graphics 2E

In this lesson we work with titles and graphics. We’ll go in deep, from creating custom titles, lower thirds and 3D text.

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