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Principal Loi's Message to Students: May 29, 2020

Mr. Loi shares his daily message with Underhill students. Thanks to Elara, Grayson, Katniss, and Gracelynn for their help today!

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Story Writing for ‘Moondogs’

Story Writing Video with Mr. Martin

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Kindy week 2

Hi kindy, we have a new book today. How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers. I will explain your task in the video.

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Grandpa Takes Me to the Moon

It's good to set big goals for technology and take small steps to reach them!

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Green Wilma, Frog In Space by Tedd Arnold w guided drawing

Story read-aloud (Scholastic Books) and guided drawing lesson K-2

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Raz Kids Assignments - Recording your reading

This video shows how to find assignments in Raz Kids. Assignments are just books that you will record yourself reading. Read the entire book. I can't wait to listen in! :)

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The Story's Story

Read Aloud Last Story Of Mystery Squirrel?

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MaryBeth King How to Catcha Star37550EE0-3DF8-41A2-8492-E39569199F2A

A liitle boy has a wish! The wish never leaves his mind as he tries many ways to make his wish come true! Find out what his wish is by listening to How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

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Sun Intro

Intro to our Sun exploration

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