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Linear Motion

Paul Hewitt lecture on Linear Motion.

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Tangent line

Use use a tangent line to determine instantaneous speed on a position versus time graph

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Section 1-1 day 2

Solving real world application problems

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WYD Panama 2019Here I Am, The Servant of The Lord

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Large Motor: Pop See Ko Dance

Have fun trying out the Pop See Ko dance! How do you Pop See Ko?

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Tchaikovsky, Danse des Mirlitons from "Nutcracker" Tutorial for NMEA2020 violin audition rep

Olga Smola, Violin Faculty at the University of Nebraska (Omaha), presents a tutorial on violin audition repertoire (Danse des Mirlitons, m. 62 – m. 77, from "Nutcracker" by…

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Clip of M3.5 Speed and Velocity

Average and instantaneous speed and velocity, graphs (derivatives and integrals)

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This is supposed to be M1.6 Refraction

I made mistake by calling this video M1.5, it is M1.6. Snell's law and critical angle

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