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Push Your Thinking and Parts of Speech lesson

Learn how to push your thinking when you are writing about reading. Plus, brush up on grammar as you learn about 4 different parts of speech! Pencil and paper are optional.

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Writing Lesson - Part To Whole

Before you watch this lesson, you MUST WATCH: - A Bike Like Sergio's (Read Aloud) - Story Arc Lesson Bring a pencil and paper to this lesson!

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Mrs. D'Amico's Opinion Writing Mini Lesson

Opinion Writing Mini Lesson The information, materials, audio and video are for educational purposes and may not be copied, transcribed, shared, transmitted or published without written permission…

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You will go to onenote to write. The sentence frame will be there. You just need fill it in!!

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Antonyms ( a word that means the opposite of another word)

Reviewing antonyms (up, open, happy) and using these words in a sentence.

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