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Five Senses Video

Simple video describing the five senses.

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Read Aloud - "Steam Train, Dream Train"

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Amy Wu & The Perfect Bao

Fact: T. Heather did not know of the wondrous food item known as bao buns until she moved to Philly. Now she's utterly in love with them and will eat them anywhere she sees them on the menu.

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Thursday (May 21) Phonics, Bible & Science

Phonics p.154 Message from God paper Science booklet p.4+5

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03-23-20 Home PE 1

Join our STARS as they demonstrate our daily exercises!

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Rain. Little group with Miss Austin

A stage two little group.

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WK 8 Day 1 Heggerty Segmenting Phonemes

Student chops the word into all of it's sounds.

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