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1.3 Lesson

Applying transformations to functions and graphs.

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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week 4 partC

T. Sheena guides 2nd grade in relaxing after our 4th week of learning animal poses in the yoga residency. We now know so many poses and can keep doing yoga all summer..

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Butterflies emerging

A video of our butterflies emerging.

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JUMP warm up with T Alex

T Alex takes us through the roll down and other leg stretches to warm up our bodies for jumping rope. Warm ups are very important to prevent muscle soreness or injury. Remember to cool down after you…

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Yoga Class with T.Sheena Week1 part B

The first virtual class session with T. Sheena to learn yoga animal poses. In this video students learn cat, cow, dog, cobra snake, and pigeon poses.

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