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MES WDAN morning announcements for April 1, 2020.

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Best Software House in Karachi | Best Development Company in Karachi

Eyetech sol is recognized as the best software house in Karachi. Our development company provides web development and app development services in Karachi.

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African Drums Etude 1 explanation

Please refer to this video to answer some questions about decoding the rhythms in Etude 1.

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Lesson 2.2 Marijuana Rebound Effect

This describe how continued use of a drug can lead to rebound effect. This is the body's attempt to balance itself. This means that use of the drug can actually lead to increased anxiety,…

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Lesson 1.2 How to Be a Good Friend

We all know how lovely friendship can be, but we seldom focus properly on what a good friend should actually be like. As a result, we miss out on opportunities to become precisely that sort of friend…

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Lesson 4.2 Middle School Lunch with Refusal Skills

Students demonstrate use of refusal skills when pressured to vape

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