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Section 6-4

Solving Systems Application Problems

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The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA takes place in a small town in South Caorlina about 75 miles from Charleston, South Carolina. This book has been nominated for the SCASL Children's Book of the…

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I Am Grateful For*

Distance Learning second grade students share what they are grateful for.

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Music TK #11

Welcome to November! It's a special month for words beginning with"T" - Thanksgiving and turkey! We'll sing a very funny song about a very proud turkey. Then, we'll meet…

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The Pigeon Has to Go to School! by: Mo Willems

Draw you on the first day and Pigeon.

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Week 6 Co teach tub 4 9.24

Morning meeting and tub 4 lesson

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Owen Foote Week 1 Day 1 Shared Read

Shared Read Video and Directions for Independent Work

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