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Math In Focus Chapter 11Lesson: Subtraction Without RegroupingWatch video Complete math pages 269-275. Take photos of the math pages from today and post it to the Journal in Seesaw.Chapter 11 pages

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Fish in a Tree Chapters 42-44 Mrs. Demlow

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Fifth Grade Engineering #1

Introduction to Fifth Grade Science and Engineering. Set up Science and Engineering Notebooks. Engineering Project.

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Ritual Calendar7S FARProj Present 061318

7th grader Magdelena presents the findings of her folk arts research project about FACTS ritual calendar She describes various ritual calendar events, shares quotes from her interview of T. Lei and…

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Asynchronous Videos Presentation 1 Final

The first part of my thrilling Asynchronous Videos Trilogy

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Crayons - using the sides of broken chunks

Basic Crayon rubbing technique for elementary school

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