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5 shot sequence Kayliah 1

This video demonstrates How to be a good teacher, The teacher was represented by a friend (Kayliah).

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Ringo Starr - Octopus's Garden (Spoken Version with Backing)

In 2015, Ringo released the book "Octopus's Garden", with illustrations by Ben Cort for each verse of his song. Inside the book, there is a CD-single containing a new version of…

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Teaching and Learning Subcommittee

Ms Heather Wojcik, Coordinator of English Language Learners, spoke to the Subcommittee about her program and ACCESS Assessments. Ms Roy and Ms Perkins spoke to the subcommittee about the proposed…

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DiMercurio 1st Grade Curriculum Night PPT

Norup First Grade Curriculum PPT - Mrs. DiMercurio

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