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Pretty in Pink

Here is my montage mania story of Pink !

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Interview an expert

For our last project we were supposed to interview an expert on anything. So I chose to interview my mom on her job as a lawyer.

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Tarpey Interview an Expert

Here is me interviewing my Father, Mike Tarpey, the Varsity Ladue football coach. Watch to hear more about Ladue Football and my Dad's passion for coaching!

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6 word story

In broadcast technology, Mr.Goble asked us to Write an original Six-Word Story. My 6 words were is this real life or fantasy these six words were inspired by the song bohemian rhapsody which I later…

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Hariswar Interview an Expert

We were asked to take an Interview. I thought my dad will suit the interview because he had a big story when he was young. He was facing some difficulties and he was on the poverty line. So I want…

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All about me

During this project there was a lot of negatives and there were some positives. Some positives were that I could talk about things I love doing and really express myself. Some negatives were that I…

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Machines-Video lesson

Review of machines, engineers, inventions, and green technology.

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Hard Work Pays Off Every Time

Hard work pays off every time you are dedicated to push yourself to the limit.

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I Lost My Phone 6 Shot 6 word Story

For this project we had to make up a story only using 6 shots and only 6 words. We had freedom to pick whatever story we wanted. I created a 30 second story about a kid who lost his phone! This was a…

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Six Word Story

Here is my Six Word Story project for Broadcast Technology. In this video you will see six unique shots that tell a story through six words. This video is a love story between my two parents, so if…

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Thank You Instruction Technology Department

Video thank you card from Mrs. Davidson and Mr. Goble thanking our technology colleagues for all they have done for us, and our students, during this past year of COVID-19.

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19 shots

In my broadcast technology class, my teacher Mr.Goble asked us to edit the best 3 to 5 seconds of each clip for 10 of the 19 shots we recorded. In my 19 shots, I used objects in my room to pose as…

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Thank you Mr. Horn!

For this assignment I was tasked with writing a script to thank one of my teachers.

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Thank you card

For a final project before spring break we made a digital thank you card. Which is just as it sounds, it's a video we recorded of our selves thanking one of our teachers for all they have done…

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