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How to hold a violin bow (3 EASY Steps!) | KV

Hey guys, this is Joel Kennedy bringing you another video! Today, I'm showing you how I've taught a lot of students how to hold a violin bow. While attending school in NY and after moving…

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test video

Test video

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Light On - Maggie Rogers (cover)

Love this album :) Hope you enjoy! INSTAGRAM: @laurenbaabaa UKE: KoAloha Tenor CHORDS I USED: verse: D A G (2x) D A G (2x) prechorus: Bm A G (2x) Bm …

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Taos High School Yearbook Video 2019

A Marketing/Advertising Video for Taos High School Video

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Nothing to Sneeze At

Bet you can part a pepper sea!

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AP Physics C - Dynamics Review (Mechanics) - Newton's 3 Laws, Friction, Equilibrium

Calculus based review of Newton’s three laws, basic forces in dynamics such as the force of gravity, force normal, force of tension, force applied, force of friction, free body diagrams,…

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Zach's Chemistry Experiments

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