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Third grade evaporation

Surface area and evaporation

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Hideaway - Third Graders

In place of a live concert, third graders recorded the song, Hideaway, and added a slideshow featuring pictures of students.

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Third Grade, Earth Science, Lesson 5

Engineering a boat

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Third Grade, Earth Science, Lesson 4

Density, floating and sinking

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Third Grade, Earth Science, Lesson 3

Thermometers, Heat and Cold

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Third Grade, Water and Climate, Lesson 2

Capacity of sponges for absorbing

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Third Grade, Water & Climate, Lesson 1

Water and materials

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Third Grade, Lesson 10

Crossword Puzzle Wrap-Up

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Third Grade, Lesson 9

Baking Soda and Vinegar

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Third Grade, Lesson 9

Mixtures and Solutions

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