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April 6th Reading Lesson

Listen to this read aloud for reading today and to give you ideas about writing for this week.

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No Willems Are You Ready to Play Outside? First Grade Read Aloud

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Ratios (Simplifying Math)

Lesson on ratios. How to write ratios, ratios in word problems and equivalent ratios. My recommended Calculators: If you purchase using the links below it will help to support making future math…

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H.T. Campfire Food

H.T. Campfire Food

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Fastest circumnavigation by bicycle (female)

Jenny cycled the world, on her own, in 124 days and 11 hours. She describes some of the practical considerations, and the challenges she faced. Prompts a discussion on circumnavigation, and…

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Learn Colours With Construction Trucks | Gecko's Garage

Learn colours for kids with Gecko's Garage. Gecko has a new respray setting on the Car Wash, just in time for the construction trucks to change colours and play a game of hide and seek. Can you…

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