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SchoolTube's 5 Facts About Canada

Happy Canada Day! Celebrate our neighbors to the north by learning about their country. to learn more check out this website: And make sure to check out our…

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Schoolhouse Rock - Women's Suffrage movement

Schoolhouse Rock - Sufferin' till Suffrage.

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SchoolTube's 5 Most Beautiful Places in the U.S.

There are so many gorgeous locations in the United States. Check out this video which features 5 beautiful destinations around the country! 5 Most Beautiful Places in the U.S.: #1 Silver Falls,…

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U.S. History: War of 1812

Check out this video to learn about the War of 1812! Also, stay tuned for some quiz questions at the end.

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Space Race Pt. 2 - Race for Satellites

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Space Race Pt. 3 - Race for Survival

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Inspire Quincy Sept 24 part b 1, 2019

This version of Inspire Quincy highlights Atlantic Middle School's Literary Magazine. It also includes a very important presentation to high school students concerning the dangers of vaping and…

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QHS Constitution Reading September 2019

Over 65 students, staff, and friends read the entire U.S.Constitution in honor of U.S. Constitution Day. The constitution was signed September 17, 1787.

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Timetost Help Video

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M.J's State

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Review for Ch. 7 Quiz - Great Depression

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