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Abiyoyo Story Song by Pete Seeger

Abiyoyo Story Song by Pete Seeger

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5/13/20 Music Time with Mrs. Brittany

Today we are going to sing songs and listen to music all about our country the United States of America! Songs that show a love for our country are called Patriotic songs. Today you will need a big…

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Mr. Day's Music Moment 04/20/2020 (3-5)

Hello, again! Welcome back to my students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades at SF! I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break and are ready to continue sharing in on some music moments throughout your…

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Music Lesson 2: Sing and Play Along

Music Lesson 2 for DES and WJC Intermediate Students! You only need- your singing voice!! But, if you have a ukulele, recorder, or other instrument, feel free to play along! :) (I do not own the…

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Mail Myself to You by Woody Guthrie

Sing along

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Create Your Own Song Challenge

Mr. and Mrs. Vahle, along with their kids, present an at-home music challenge for you!

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4/13/20 Music Time with Mrs. Brittany

It is time to move, dance and sing with Mrs. Brittany. Today we will learn a special star dance and then sing about the Creator who put the stars in their place

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Quarantine Vlog #1: A Week with Mary Leah

Welcome to the first video in our new "Quarantine Vlog" series! Staff writer Mary Leah takes us through a week in quarantine in her shoes, and informs us what she does to spend her time. …

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ukulele - This Pretty Planet

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