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3.5 The Amendment Process

Article Five of the U.S. Constitution outlines how the Constitution can be amended, or changed. Visit for more.

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Speed and Agility drill 3-4

Students will learn drills to increase their speed and agility.

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Drumming Lesson 11, Page 4

Drummers, please use this video to assist you in decoding and practicing Lesson 11, Page 4 for the lesson week beginning May 28th.

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4.8.2020 Morning Message Mrs. Jaquinde

In this morning message lesson, I focus on alphabetical order. I use 10 HFW'S/Bossy R words, mix them up and have students put them in alphabetical order by themselves. Then, I go over the…

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HWT Letter V Number 1

Practice letter V, pages 66 & 67 in the Green Book Practice number 1, page 77 in the Green Book

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Algebra I - Quadratic Functions (8.1) Part 1

Overview of quadratic functions (parabolas). This video covers the first 2 examples in chapter 8.1. There is a second video with the remaining 8.1 examples.

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