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HP High School Junior prom meeting

Holland Patent High School Junior Prom Meeting April 2021

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Covid and Teens: Teen Report

Teen Reporter Haylee Clophus covers the topic of how Covid is affecting teens in Southwest Louisiana and when teens could receive the vaccine.

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Harbor Highlights, Feb. 22, 2021

Meet Mr. Mullen Black History Month School Rules Reminders

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Quincy School Committee January 13, 2021 Part 1

There was much discussion about Covid -19 Metrics and other Covid related issues including the Covid-19 Vaccination program in the Quincy Public Schools. Also discussed was the QPS enrollment, a…

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Scuola dell'Infanzia statale "Bruno Munari", San Antonio, Porcia

Presentazione della Scuola dell'Infanzia "Bruno Munari", San Antonio, Porcia

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