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Online work--May 18-22

This is what I expect to see when you complete the online work this week. Remember: You need to choose to commit to completing either the online work or the worksheet packet (which includes the…

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7.3 part 2 - Mini-Class

Here is the recorded "mini-class" for 7.3 part 2. Evidently it was too big to post on iNewman, so I'm trying this out. Let's see how it works.

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Virus Wars

All cellular life, including you, is in an ancient and unending war with viruses. Watch how viruses attack cells and learn about RNA interference, one of the ways that cells fight back. Play the…

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What is social distancing? | CBC Kids News

Everyone is talking about social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what that means. CBC Kids News is a website for kids, covering the information you want to know. Real…

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Pathogenic Viruses

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Bio Viruses

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