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Bacterial Transformation Part II

In this second part of a two-part presentation, Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School presents a lecture on bacterial transformation.

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Germ Experiment

A visual for the benefits of soap

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A Little Spot Stays Home

A read aloud by Diane Alber entitled: A Little Spot Stays Home. A story about viruses and safe distancing.

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"A Little Spot Stays Home" by Diane Alber

This book talks about staying at home during an outbreak, about what viruses are and about ways in which we can remain positive during these times!

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Masked Ninja

Masked Ninja Read Aloud

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How Soap Suds Kill the Coronavirus

The new coronavirus has proven deadly, but it can also be defeated with something as simple as soap suds. Learn more at:…

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How Soap Kills the Coronavirus

How does soap work to destroy the novel coronavirus at the micro level? Does a particular kind of soap work best? Are hand sanitizers as effective in breaking down COVID-19? Marcus Kaul, an associate…

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