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2-14-20 It's a Great Day at Clay

The third grade takes over the show for the first time ever. Watch, and you can see the results of this debacle.

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Hot on Your Trail: Privacy, Your Data, and Who Has Access to It

It doesn't take a top-secret government spy agency armed with the latest surveillance gear to gather information about you. Every day, companies are gathering and sharing information about…

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Fish in a Tree: Chapter 3

Fish in a Tree Chapter 3 Link to the playlist:

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Friday 12-20-19 updated

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Largest collection of videogames

The largest collection of videogames consists of 20,139 items, and was achieved by Antonio Romero Monteiro (USA). He takes us on a tour of his collection. Use to discuss the cultural…

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Kingdom Builders | Episode 14: Build-n-Bash Games | Cartoon Webisode for Kids

Sir Wrench-A-Lot is hosting the annual Buildera Build-n-Bash Games! After an exhausting first half, the Builders and Bashers are tied for the lead. Both teams have their eyes on the trophy, but the…

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Learn Colours With Construction Trucks | Gecko's Garage

Learn colours for kids with Gecko's Garage. Gecko has a new respray setting on the Car Wash, just in time for the construction trucks to change colours and play a game of hide and seek. Can you…

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