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GENETIC ENGINEERING | What Is GENETIC Engineering? | Genetics | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

Dr Binocs will explain, What is Genetic Engineering? | Genetic Engineering Explained | Genetic Modification | Genetic Manipulation | DNA | Genetic Changes | Human DNA | Human Genetics | Genes | Dr…

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The Sentence Song | English Songs | Scratch Garden

Learn about CAPITAL letters and punctuation (using a period, question mark, and exclamation mark). 📖 THIS VIDEO NOW HAS A GREAT SUPPLEMENTAL LEARNING POSTER! 📖…

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Celebrate - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Whether you're celebrating losing a tooth or a major holiday, sing this fantastically festive song! Create a free account on now and find hundreds of ways to move! -- …

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Jumpstart 1st Grade - Friend song HD

A song from Jumpstart 1st grade Mp3 can be downloaded free from:

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What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

This video explains the teaching methodology Inquiry-Based Learning. It was created for the Inspiring Science Education Project as part of a series of videos to promote the use of Inquiry-Based…

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Wochit Presentation by Paul Langhorst

Watch and listen as Paul Langhorst, VP of Marketing for SchoolTube describes and demonstrates the new Wochit video & presentation builder application.

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What makes a poem … a poem? - Melissa Kovacs

View full lesson: What exactly makes a poem … a poem? Poets themselves have struggled with this question, often using…

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Poetry Has a SOUND

In this video, Ms. Quigg demonstrates how poetry sounds different than a story, because it has a beat. You will need to help Ms. Quigg find the beat of the poem! Then you can review finding key…

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Writing with Outside Details

In this video, Ms. Quigg shows you how to use key details from outside your head (who, when, where, and what) to help you add details when planning your story. Then you plan a story about a time…

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Narrative Writing

Mrs. White will model how to write a narrative story!

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