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Chapter 43

Chapter 43 of The Wild Robot Escapes

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Wild Dog on our Farm

Wild dog on the loose! (Not really-shes actually a nice dog!)

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Mrs. Filipovich: Bug Collage

Mrs. Filipovich shares easy to follow directions and a sample of her very own bug collage!

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powhiri 13-2 2020

we welcomed new students and teachers to our school and celebrated the beginning of a new school year

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Turkeys for Kids | Wild Turkeys | Animals for Kids | Thanksgiving bird

Turkeys are GIANT birds that live in North America. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the Turkey to be the National Bird of the United States? It really is an impressive bird - wild turkeys…

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Squirrel Obstacle Course

Squirrel intelligence and agility get put to the test in this obstacle course. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! **More info & videos below** “A…

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Longest shout (individual)

The longest shout is 43.56 sec and was achieved by Christian Kinner a football fan, who shouted "goal" in German. Use in conjunction with longest vocal note, to talk about lung…

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