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Calder Miro Video 2 Calder

Learn about the life and art of Kinetic sculptor Alexander Calder. You have two weeks to create a unique sculpture influenced by the work of this artist. Combine ideas, get creative and make…

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Locked in the Library, final chapters

The last 3 chapters of Locked in the Library

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Installing a duplex receptacle Installing a duplex receptacle is easy, when you know how. Do you have the 2 prong electrical duplex outlets & wished you had the 3 prong electrical duplex…

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Choral Kaleidoscope Concert 3-4-2020

The Connor Middle School 6th Grade Choir, Connor Middle School 8th Grade Choir, Grand Island High School Choir, and Grand Island High School Concert Choir all perform at the Choral Kaleidoscope…

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Pull Someone’s Leg

Moon sees Max walking in circles around a chair, and asks what he is doing. Max says he has been having trouble staying awake, so his friend suggested a trick. Moon takes a look at the instructions…

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