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P.E with Joe | Wednesday 1st April 2020

Day 8 of my 9am daily workouts 😀

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Pump It Up - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle

Pump up your body... and your jam with this intense and awesome workout. This video comes from GoNoodle’s Fresh Start Fitness channel. Fresh Start Fitness helps kids get fit with an awesome…

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P.E with Joe | Tuesday 31st March 2020

Day 7 of my 9am daily workouts 😀 Today we tried adding some music to the workout. Big thank you to George Ezra and Dua Lipa for granting me permission to use your songs. Dua Lipa:…

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Fridge Fitness Counting Challenge

Here is a little idea from Mrs. Lester. Any time you go to the fridge, choose an exercise to do and practice counting. You can count by 1's, 2,'s, 5's, or 10's. Have fun and…

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Cancun and Maya Temples Guided Tour (6K 360 VR Video)

Join Daan and Peter in this 6K travel episode, where they travel Cancun and the Riviera Maya, visiting some of the most beautiful beaches, islands and impressive Mayan temples! VR Gorilla is an…

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Keep Moving with Mr. Mirable!

Follow along with an awesome workout routine

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