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WHMS Morning News Tues Sept 13, 2022


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Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke

James and Katy Perry set off in the carpool lane, singing some of Katy's classics and new music, and James asks Katy about taking the beef with Taylor Swift off the grill. "Subscribe To…

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Lillian Avedikian Speech 2

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Adv Alg sect. 3.2

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RMSTV 9-18-2020

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Finishing Photo Essay on kcpipernews

This is how to upload your photos to - after you have logged in the first time, please make sure to change your password; otherwise, you can get hacked because this video is on the…

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30 Day Photo Challenge "Got Questions" Answers

In this video, I answer the questions about the 30 Day Photo Challenge - 1. Is it still due March 30th - yes 2. What do we do about the self portraits - take a picture of yourself 3. Do you have to…

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Using Google Calendar

Sorry, I get a little rambly in this one, but this goes over how to find information in Google Calendar, accepting invites and joining Zoom conference calls from your calendar.

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Getting Started with Google Classroom for iPhone

This is a brief introduction to some Google Classroom features while using an iPhone rather than a laptop/computer.

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Getting Started in Google Classroom

These are some useful features found in Google Classroom and expectations on how you can get the most out of our virtual learning adventure.

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