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5- Shot Sequence

This is my five-shot sequence video. We were instructed to create a 5-shot movie of a person performing an action in Broadcast Technology. My five-shot clip features my sister working on her computer…

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5-Shot Sequence

This video is a demonstration of the use of different camera shots and angles. It includes a series of videos of my classmate that tell a small story through actions. I created this using Final Cut…

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The 5-shot-sequence video that I shot of my brother licking a lollipop. Using the five shots and final cut pro for school to improve storytelling and to repeat and visualize videos.

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Bianca 5-shot sequence

I recorded a 5-Shot sequence, the week of October 24th, for a Broadcast Technology class in order to learn how to film and edit a video, in Art club.

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Keegan: 5-Shot Sequence

This story was created for broadcast tech and was a 5-shot sequence. I recorded in the broadcast studio with my iPhone and my friend Cole. With my iPhone, I filmed Cole from 5 different types of…

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Don 5-Shot Sequence

5W's and H - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Who is this story about? What is the story about? When?

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Austin 5-Shot Sequence

The following story is about Logan and him scrolling through his phone. we recorded in the main classroom. I used my iPhone 7 to record with. I had to shoot in a specific order which was hands, face,…

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Xander 5-Shot Sequence

My assignment was to create a video using 5 shots, wide, close up, hand shot, unusual shot, and a over the shoulder shot. My story is about Keegan. We recorded these in September and I was in the TV…

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Morgan 5-Shot Sequence

I shot my brother, Jeremy Gipson for my 5-shot sequence project. I recorded these 5 shots in the beginning of October. I filmed this project at home while I was quarantined, which worked out because…

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Julia 5-shot sequence

I compiled a sequence of 5-shots of one of my classmates. We shot these in the TV studio at LHWHS. The shots were close up, close up, wide shot, medium shot and interesting shot. The shots were taken…

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5-Shot Sequence Mr. Goble example

Mr. Goble provides a finished example of the exact 5-Shot Sequence project students have been assigned.

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5-Shot Sequence

As part of the class Broadcast Technology 1, students were required to make a 5 shot story sequence of a person doing one action, including close-ups, creative shots, and wide shots. For my project,…

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5-Shot Sequence

5 different shots. 5 different angles.

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5-Shot Sequence

5 types of shots (1 closeup on hands, 1 closeup on face, 1 wide, 1 over the shoulder, 1 creative) of a subject performing an action put together to display the subject and the action.

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5-Shot Sequence

Second edited video in Broadcast Technology. This is a video of a fellow classmate, Julia, as she works in the Broadcast Studio. We shot these videos during class one day. Unfortunately, we ended…

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5-Shot Sequence

This is my 5-Shot Sequence video that I shot of my Mom. This video was shot at home on a snowy day. In this assignment we used 5 different types of shots. We used two closeups, a wide shot, an over…

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