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5-Shot Sequence Mr. Goble example

Mr. Goble provides a finished example of the exact 5-Shot Sequence project students have been assigned.

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5-Shot Sequence

As part of the class Broadcast Technology 1, students were required to make a 5 shot story sequence of a person doing one action, including close-ups, creative shots, and wide shots. For my project,…

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5-Shot Sequence

5 different shots. 5 different angles.

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5-Shot Sequence

5-Shot Sequence video

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5-Shot Sequence

5 types of shots (1 closeup on hands, 1 closeup on face, 1 wide, 1 over the shoulder, 1 creative) of a subject performing an action put together to display the subject and the action.

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5-Shot Sequence

Second edited video in Broadcast Technology. This is a video of a fellow classmate, Julia, as she works in the Broadcast Studio. We shot these videos during class one day. Unfortunately, we ended…

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5-Shot Sequence

This is my 5-Shot Sequence video that I shot of my Mom. This video was shot at home on a snowy day. In this assignment we used 5 different types of shots. We used two closeups, a wide shot, an over…

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5-Shot Sequence

My broadcast technology class was assigned to create a video which follows a specific sequence of 5 shots. Last week, we were able to film these shots at Ladue High School.

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5-Shot Sequence EDITING in iMovie

February 18, 2021 - Mr. Goble Broadcast Technology I class. Mr Goble models a simple workflow for editing the 5-Shot Sequence, from: Creating a new Event and renaming it Importing video clips Using…

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5-Shot Sequence lecture: Broadcast Technology I class, February 7, 2021

Mr. Goble goes through the latest lessons, cinematography, and discusses the basic three camera shot distances, Wide, Medium, and Tight, also referred to as a Close Up shot sometimes. We also discuss…

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ASSIGNMENT_ 5-Shot Sequence Video (Oct 8, 2020 at 10_24 AM)

We were asked by mr. Goble to create a movie using 5 different shots. I chose to record my mom working from home.

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5-Shot Sequence Video

We were asked to complete 5 shots of a person doing a certain action from 5 different angles.

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5-Shot Sequence Goble DEMO 2 for iMovie

Mr. Goble shows how to add a background, text, and music to the 5-Shot Sequence video. DEMO 1

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5-Shot Sequence Goble DEMO 1 for iMovie

Tutorial video for Broadcast Technology I students completing the 5-Shot Sequence using iMovie on their MacBook Air laptops.

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5-Shot Sequence Mate

For this project I made a short video using the 5 basic shots; Close up of hands, close up of face, wide shot, over the shoulder shot, and a creative/unusual shot.

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