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"Happiness is only real when shared"

I've created a 6 - word story staring my parents having a movie night. I used 6 different camera shots and 6 different words to explain the story of this video.

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I Think I'm Addicted to Music


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Candy is delicious, Poisonous, Regretful, Fantasy

I created the six-word story for my broadcast and technology class, combining six shots to represent the visual representation of words.

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Your reality is only your perception

A 6 word story video designed to make you think about your assumptions of the people around you and the danger of a single story

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Bryan 6 word story

This is my 6 Word Story video project for broadcast technology 1. I chose the words "Not quitting, just taking a break" as a way to show that taking a break from something is important and…

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Kenneth's Six Word Story

This story is about a male basketball player who has gotten injured practicing, at first he want to give up and quit, but then he changes his mind because he realizes he isn't going to get…

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6 word story - Dylan Patterson

This is a 6 word/ 6 shot story. The entire movie was filmed, acted, and scripted by me (Dylan). The focus of the assignment was to learn and master different types of shots and angles used in…

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Julia 6 shot story

This is my 6 word story. There are only 6 words and 6 shots used in the video. I filmed these shots at a variety of places, some as close as a park near my house and others as far as Nashville…

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I Lost My Phone 6 Shot 6 word Story

For this project we had to make up a story only using 6 shots and only 6 words. We had freedom to pick whatever story we wanted. I created a 30 second story about a kid who lost his phone! This was a…

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Daydreaming, Attempting to escape, Never succeeding

We were asked to create a six word story using 6 unique shots and 6 words. Get a glimse into a 12 year olds daydreaming, stressed out mind.

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My video is based on my story I wrote that was limited to 6 words. After that I turned it into a 6 unique shot short video. Shot on iPhone 8 and edited in Premiere Pro - NATE GLODECK.

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Wake Up, Everyday an Adventure

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6 Word Story

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Happiness Comes From Whats Around You

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6 word story- brandon smith

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Maggie 6 word story

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