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60 seconds about me

This is a 60 second video that introduces me to my broadcast tech class. It was a fun experience because I got to talk about what I like and what i'm all about.

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60 Second Video: An Argument With Myself

For my first Broadcast Technology II assignment, I had to make a video that lasted 60 seconds. In it, I argue with myself in my room, debating over if certain things were special or interesting about…

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The Endless Cycle

Everyday is the same thing. There are some differences here and there, but somehow I always seem to always spend all of my time at my desk.

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60 Seconds Sophia Tarpey

Here is a short video showing a synopsis of my life from childhood to now. Watch this video to see a little more about me!

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Carter Chuquimia 60 second morning routine

Carter has to get up and get ready all in 60 seconds. It is filmed at his house and is all one shot.

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60 second trailer - 2021

A reimagined version of my original 60 second trailer. 60 seconds is already a very strict time limit, but what if I made it even worse for myself?

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Austin Coburn 60 Seconds

Sophomore Austin Coburn tells us in 60 seconds how he started out as a small YouTuber who is now doing big things on his YouTube Channel....including making money.

From  dgoble on March 12th, 2021 2 likes 115 plays

60 Seconds

A video to get to know me! This will be a good primary source when people look back on the pandemic!

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60 Seconds

Here is a 60 second long video I made introducing myself and talking a little bit about who I am.

From  Mate Daus on January 27th, 2021 0 likes 7 plays

60 seconds

This video is about me and the work I have created, it shows images of me and my friends and the clips of my work from other created videos. This video is called 60 seconds because the point of the…

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60 seconds 12-02-16

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60 seconds

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60 seconds 12/02/16

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60 seconds of me Sam Pollock

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