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VCMS Spring Choral Concert 6-2-2022

The Veronica Connor Middle School Music Department presents the Spring Chorus Concert, featuring the 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade choirs, plus Singcopations, and the Tenortones on Thursday June 2, 2022…

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VCMS 8th Grade Awards-Moving Up 6-22-2022 Class of 2026

The 8th Grade Class at Veronica Connor Middle School in Grand Island, New York are rewarded for their achievements during the 2021-22 school year at the annual 8th Grade Awards Assembly and Moving Up…

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Point Webster Spring Concert 2022

Experience the wonderful sounds of the Point Webster Band and 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Chorus's

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What Were the Articles of Confederation History-1

A More Perfect Union, 8th Grade, Articles of Confederation

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8 Comma Rules | How to Use Commas | English Writing Essentials

Learn about 8 basic comma rules for writing in English. I will teach you how to use commas, explain each of these rules, and show you several examples. I'll give in-depth explanations and then a…

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How to Use the Serial Comma (Oxford Comma) | English Punctuation Rules | ESL Writing Essentials

What is the serial or Oxford comma? In this lesson, you'll learn how to use the serial comma when writing in English. There is much debate on whether or not the Oxford comma is necessary, but I…

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Class of 2022 - PreK Reindeer games

8th Grade Reindeer Games - Class of 2022

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VCMS 8th Grade Moving Up Awards Ceremony Class of 2025 6-22-2021

Veronica Connor Middle School 8th Grade Students are awarded and celebrated for their high achievement and moving up to high school at the annual VCMS 8th Grade Awards Assembly, Tuesday, June 22,…

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Atlantic Middle 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Quincy's Atlantic Middle held its 2021 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at North Quincy's Creedon Field.

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Southwest Middle 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony 2021

Quincy's South~West Middle 2021 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony was held at North Quincy's Creedon Field.

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Broad Meadows 8th Grade Promotional Ceremony 2021

Quincy's Broad Meadows Middle School students celebrated their promotion to 8th grade with a Ceremony at Creedon Field in North Quincy.

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8th grade video from Morning Show

8th grade video

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Graduation 2020

Graduation 2020

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LSA 8th Grade Grad 2020 Revised

La Sierra Academy 8th Grade Graduation 2020 Revised

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8th Grade Macatawa Bay Video 2020

Congratulations to all of our Macatawa Bay students! We miss you!

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Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28

In which John Green teaches you about the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War, which it turns out were two different things. John goes over the issues and events that precipitated…

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