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Front Desk, Ch. 23-26


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Commas in space and time | The Comma | Punctuation | Khan Academy

Learn how to use commas when writing addresses (in space) and dates (in time).

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Day 8 2021

Day 8, 12 Days of PD 2021

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6th Grade Math Histograms

Learn how to create a histogram from a table of data, including how to find the class interval. This video contains two separate examples. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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Parent Portal Account

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El color de mis palabras - Capítulo 1: Día de lavar la ropa

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How to Create a Student Video Collection Channel

Learn how to create a channel in which your students can publish their video assignments.

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Video Recording - Thur Nov 12 2020 10:14:40 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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Canvas Login Tutorial

Step by step instruction on logging into Canvas through NCEDCloud.

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5.27 Grammar Video

5th Grade

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Create Your Own Song Challenge

Mr. and Mrs. Vahle, along with their kids, present an at-home music challenge for you!

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make book

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Shortest woman - living (mobile)

Jyoti is the shortest woman in the world (who is mobile). We find out how she deals with daily challenges as a young student, find out about the impact of meeting other record holders, and…

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Why Do We Need IP Addresses?

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How to Login and Change Password

Learn how to login to SchoolTube and Change your password. From the header menu, click on Guest, then Login, then enter your USER ID and PASSWORD.

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