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JFD_TV 11-16-22

Dobie High School

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We Will Milk Cows (We Will Rock You Parody)

Check out this fun song all about life on a dairy farm. Agriculture is an established industry that still has plenty of opportunity for growth. Field and livestock farming are excellent career…

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Where Is The Formula?

We're reporting on jobs, shortages and cave art. Our first story centers on the latest U.S. jobs and unemployment report and how it's a bright spot in an otherwise-mixed economic picture.…

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JFD_TV 5-20-22

The Last Show of 21-22!

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JFD_TV 3-4-22


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JFD_TV 2-25-22

JFD_TV 2-25-22

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Armed and Dangerous

Its a Song.

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JFD_TV 1-14-22

Weekly show of J. Frank Dobie HS

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JFD_TV 11-12-21

School Show of J. frank Dobie HS in Houston, TX.

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3 Lessons I Learned

In multimedia sports our ending project was to make a video about what you learned. I had a hard time choosing between all of the options, but I narrowed it down into a 60 second video. I hope you…

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Top 3 lessons learned in MMSP 1

I had to make a video of myself talking about the 3 best lessons that I have learned in Multimedia Sports Production 1. I also had to explain what I meant by these 3 lessons by incorporating parts of…

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Top 3 Lessons Video

Video of Top 3 Lessons learned in MultiMedia sports production

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Three lessons final

multimedia sports prod

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JFD_TV 4-22-21

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JFD_TV 4-16-21

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JFD_TV 3-12-21

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