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Clip of M3.3 Processed Food and Drink

chemical reactions, physical separation of mixtures, evaporation, condensation

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women doing drugs and alcohol when they are pregnant PSA 2021

Women are doing drugs and alcohol when they are preagnant but they do not know the rusk of the alcohol and drugs you could kill your baby or you could kill yourself or the both of you.

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PSA Peer Pressure 2021

I will be talking about Peer Pressure and its effects and also how to overcome it.

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Alcoholism prevention PSA 2021

This is a PSA about alcoholism and the harm it can cause to your body. this addiction is guaranteed to hurt you and your family so It is extremely important to make people aware of the problems it…

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Dartanyon Crockett, paralympic bronze medalist in Judo, rose to success out of a past filled with disappointment and hardship. Legally blind, he struggled in school until he found a Natural High in…

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