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14-Year-Old Makes $2.2 Million Running Her Own Candy Empire

Alina Morse, 14, is the CEO of her own sweets empire, Zolli Candy, which makes treats that are actually good for your teeth. Zolli Candy, headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan, is sold in…

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Froggy's Birthday Wish

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Froggy's First Kiss

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Escritura (Cartas) - 12/8

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Feelings Friday- Tootsie is blue

How are you feeling today? Show me how you are staying in contact with family and friends. What are some other things we can do when we feel sad?

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Red word "down"

practice with red word "down"

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Room 13 Q &A March 25,2020

Here is the first Q & A for Room 13. I forgot to hit record, at first so the video starts about 15 mins in. Sorry about that! It's about 28 Mins long. I was so happy to see Nikolai and…

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Sorry I Can't Hair You

The SMC lears the importance of customer satisfaction.

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Special Delivery

The SMC learn the value of good service.

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Alina Silent Film

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Alina Kabaeva ball 1999

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The Stalker

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Alina Kabaeva ball 1999

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Alina Kabaeva short ver.

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Jag TV Live Broadcast 11 25 09

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