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Why do blood types matter

Dig into the 4 main blood types — A, B, AB, and O — and find out why some bloods can mix while others cannot. Healthcare will always have excellent job and career opportunities for…

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Blood Types

Paul Andersen explains the importance of blood types in blood transfusions. He starts with a brief discussion of blood antigens and antibodies. He describes how the ABO differs from the Rh blood…

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Population Genetics: When Darwin Met Mendel - Crash Course Biology #18

In this episode, students will learn about population genetics, specifically exploring the principles of Mendel and Darwin and the Hardy-Weinberg equation. Join Hank Green from Crash Course and…

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Heredity: Crash Course Biology #9

In this episode, students will learn about heredity from Hank and his brother John. Join Hank Green from Crash Course and Vlogbrothers to learn all about Biology. These 40 videos will cover the…

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WWTV News April 12, 2022


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Lily Elichman- New York Mafia

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ZOOM - Biology - Allelic Freq Lab

Watch this video to get the data for the Allelic Frequency Lab.

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Stats - Chi Square Test

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School offers a 15 min explainer video on descriptive statistics and the chi square test.

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Mendelian Genetics Day 1

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Reading Lesson Day 7

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Morning Meeting 8/20

Good morning Scholars! Happy Thursday! Welcome back to the second day of 2nd grade. I'm so happy to see all of you. Let's make it a great day! Love, Ms. Brooks

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world language ex

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Probability and Genetics

Read and Described by Mr Chella (the Science Fella)

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Project part# 1 SPANISH VERSION

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Blood Type

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