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Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

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It's a Great Dat at Clay 10-28-22

Mrs. Slattery wrestles a squirrel, Mr. Gish eats crayons and Mr. Casper dresses up as Colonel Sanders. Just another day at CIA.

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Words in word problems


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Greater Than, Less Than

Greater Than, Less Than

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9:10 Math Lesson- Comparing Numbers

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If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON’T- Setting

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PBS Nature - The Reptiles, Part1of4 - Alligators and Crocodiles (2003.HDTV.SoS).avi

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Chapter 1-8

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Characteristics of Reptiles (for Menlo School) - Burton 4-H Center - Tuesdays on Tybee

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Characteristics of Reptiles - Tuesdays on Tybee - Burton 4-H Center

Tuesdays on Tybee - "Characteristics of Reptiles" Featuring Burton 4-H animal ambassadors: "Monty" a ball python "Apollo" a yellow rat snake "Shoebox" an…

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5/18/20 Reading We Love Books Sample

Here is Mrs. Hanover reviewing two of her favorite books

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5-14-20 Saints @ 8

5-14-20 Saints @ 8

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4th Unit 9 Lesson 8 B Questions using Graphs

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Noah 2/3's Two by Two

2/3's Noah - Reading of Two by Two

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