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Amelia Earhart - First Woman To Fly Alone | Mini Bio | Biography

After a plane ride at an air show, Amelia Earhart decided she would learn to fly. After becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, she embarked on her flight around the world and…

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That One Friend

For this assignment, we could make whatever video we wanted. The plot of this video is someone being left home alone, Keegan, and his friend wants to play video games with him. Keegan has homework to…

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Why Did the Author End the Book this Way?

Author's message

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PSA: Don't Lift Alone

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Be a Friend

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Leave Him Alone

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Alone by Maya Angelou - WSCN (2010-2011)

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Home ALone

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iRam 7.19

This iRam episode asks students for their best impressions, and features skits about going to the restroom alone, what not to do in a scary movie, protecting yourself from germs, flower power, and an…

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Don't Walk Alone PSA

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Child Safety PSA

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Lonesome The 2013 7GP 7th Grade Poetry Contest Winner

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