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Cobra Kai | Chozen Teaches Daniel A Lesson | Official Clip | Netflix

Next time Daniel should ask Chozen to write down his lessons. Watch a clip showing the Karate Kid duo back in action from Cobra Kai Season 5, premiering on Netflix on Friday, September 9. …

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Subject Complements - Predicate Adjectives and Predicate Nominatives

A brief video explaining predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives.

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gotw wk 9 t2 2021

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The Siege and Battle of the Alamo: Day1

Learn what happed on Day 1 of the siege and battle at the Alamo

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Week 18 Weekly Read

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Social Studies Lesson January 11

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Texas Revolution

Credit: Rose Kasper’s Resources

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SJHS News 12.3.20

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Newsies - Santa Fe + prologue - Scene #1B

Eliott B is Jack and Julia McA is Crutchie - the very first scene and song in the musical. Up on the rooftop, dreaming of someplace far away...

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Republic of Texas! Part Two

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Texas Revolution, Part Three: San Jacinto

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Texas Revolution, Part One: The Runaway Scrape

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Bug Circle Time

Circle Time: Bugs

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2nd Grade BIBLE - Thursday, April 30

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Social Studies - April 28 /13.2 The Statehood of Florida and Texas

Guest Speaker today....Coach Kenny!

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Week of May 4, Video #3

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