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Lectura - lunes 11/9/20 - Zanahorias maléficas

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Roll a Movement

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Hermeneutics Video - Poetry.mp4

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Spelling activity and Mama story

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MS Band Baritone Big Four March

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5th-8th Choir BBBW Review

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Rig-a-Jig-Jig. Get your and move! Try some Duple Movements with walking feet and then triple movement with a skip (or gallop).

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Figurative Language Video

Mrs. C reviews the definitions of the types of figurative language

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How to Delete a Channel from SchoolTube

When a channel is no longer needed, delete it following the steps in this video. Deleting a channel does not delete the videos under the channel. A channel is just an organize view of select videos…

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Steven, Justin and Lindsy Analogies

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Function Notation

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Brooke and Zack analogies

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DRAPESS Intro 3: Analogy

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Cell City PhotoStory

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Comparing Chemical Reactions to Building a House

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