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Endangered Animals!

For more info, check out: If you enjoyed this video, you will also love the science videos from our friends at…

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SchoolTube's 5 Facts About Mosquitos

SchoolTube's 5 Facts About Mosquitos: Only female mosquitos bite. Blood is how they feed to help them reproduce. Mosquitos were alive during the Jurassic period and are as old as dinosaurs.…

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SchoolTube’s 5 Facts About Tigers

Happy International Tiger Day from SchoolTube! Check out these two websites to learn more about the creatures: and…

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SchoolTube's Top 5 Endangered Species

SchoolTube's Top 5 Endangered Species: 1. Vaquita Vaquitas are the most endangered marine mammals in the world. In July 2019, it was estimated that there were only 9 left. Their biggest threat…

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Egrets, Economics and the Environment: The Case of Killer Hats

Learn about the women’s crusade against “killer hats” and how Florida stood at the forefront of the movement creating the Audubon society, America’s first national wildlife…

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Classification of Animals || Types of Animals || Animal Groups || Science videos


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Animal Classification Song | Science Music Video for Kids

What do all mammals have in common? How can we classify animals? This song teaches kids about the different classes of vertebrate animals and what makes them fall into distinct groups. Get your…

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Learn about fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals

In this video Ibrahim explains about fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals (Vertebrates). They are all with back bones. Ibrahim also goes through some exciting facts about some of them too.

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Year 1 Science - Different Animal Groups - Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish and Birds.

In Year 1 Science the children are learning about the different 'Animal Groups'. The children will be looking at five different animal groups, including Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish…

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Amazing Animal Groups | Science for Kids

Groups of animals have some really interesting names! Learn about them with Jessi and Squeaks! Additional Animation by Sarah Gullickson ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also…

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Animal Classification for Children: Classifying Vertebrates and Invertebrates for Kids - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this! Animals are classified into different groups based on their characteristics. Invertebrates are animals that do not have a spine,…

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The Outrageous Octopus!

What has eight arms, three hearts, and and lives in the ocean? An octopus! Join Jessi and Squeaks as they take a dive into the amazing world of the super weird, super smart octopus! ---------- Hi…

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Meat-Eating Plants

Many animals eat plants, but did you know some plants eat animals? Jessi and Squeaks explore some of their favorite meat eating plants! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also…

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Inspect An Insect

There are more insects in the world than any other kind of animal! In this episode of SciShow Kids, Jessi and Squeaks show you how to identify an insect, in three easy steps! ---------- Like…

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Science in Nature, Animal Tracks

This video is about Animal Tracks, Naturalists, and Field Journals. Students will made hand and footprints using salt dough.

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Ducks at the Lake in Black Mountain

A brief montage of different ducks spotted at Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain. 🦆🦆🦆

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