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Clinton Library Webinar: How RBG Came to Be

Twenty years before she became known as RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the United States Supreme Court by President Clinton. We'll explore the process from selection to swearing…

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt Declares War on Japan (Full Speech) | War Archives

President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares war on Japan the day after American naval and military forces were attacked at Pearl Harbor. For Archive Licensing Enquiries Visit:…

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Presidential Libraries Webinar: Truman and the Steel Crisis

Presidential Power: Truman and the Steel Crisis During the Korean War, President Truman faced a dilemma. The steel industry mill owners and workers could not agree on wages and price controls. A…

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The Charters of Freedom, with Dr. Charlie Flanagan of NARA Center for Legislative Archives

During this webinar you will learn how to engage your students with learning activities using the founding documents. The Powerpoint for this video is available. Contact us @ [email protected]

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Teaching The Legislative Process

With Dr. Charles Flanagan Outreach Supervisor Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives. During this webinar you will learn how to engage your students in a hands-on collaborative…

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Lunch Keynote: Dr. Charles Flanagan of the National Archives Center for Legislative Archives

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, hear FCSS keynote speaker Dr. Charles Flanagan highlight the impact this amendment has had on American society. “In Their own Words:…

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Founding Civics: Teaching Big Ideas in the Constitution

Understanding the Constitution is essential to civic life, yet students often find this Charter difficult to read and comprehend. This session will introduce students to the Constitution by…

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Handwriting - Tuesday September 22

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Orca Live June 8th, 2020

Season 16 finale (at-home edition!) of Orenco Elementary School's live, student-produced television news show, "Orca Live."

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May 28 Announcements

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Republic of Texas! Part Two

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Greater than, less than, or equal to. (War)

Play the game war using vocabulary like greater than, less than, and equal to. Send me a picture of you playing or a message with who the winner is.

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Principal's greetings - Thu Apr 02 2020 10:16:31 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Friday, May 15, 2015

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Top 10 Places to Find Digitized Primary Sources

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Researching the Civil Rights Movement, Manuscript Collection

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