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2.7 Lesson on Sketching Rational Graphs

Finding asymptotes (vertical, horizontal, and slant), holes, x-intercepts, and y-intercepts for a rational function then using that information to graph. Finding domain and range of rational…

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2.6 Rationals and Asymptotes

Finding vertical, horizontal, and slant asymptotes for rational functions. Finding holes and x-intercepts of rational functions. Sketching a graph of a rational function using the asymptotes, the x…

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10.3 Lesson

Lesson on hyperbolas. Finding the center, vertices, foci, and the equations of the asymptotes.

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Tangent Curve (13.6)

This video covers section 13.6 in your textbook, graphing tangent curve (868-870).

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4.6 Part II Graphing Cosecant and Secant

Graphing cosecant and secant with a pi/3 scale.

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