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Keanu Reeves's Story

This actor is a millionaire, yet he rides the subway, eats with the homeless, and gives away so much of his money. Probably, many of you know that Keanu Reeves is considered to be the most kind and…

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Take a virtual tour of our Sammy Soars after school clubs. Music Ensemble Budding Artists Eco CheerLEADing Writers Robotics Running

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Elf Jr the Musical

Holy Spirit School March 10,2022

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1.8.21 Announcements

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Littlest Elf - Mrs. Brannon

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Story Time: Go Away Big Green Monster

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ECSE Lesson 9/4

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Multiplicative Vs. Additive Comparison Video DO THIS FIRST

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Equivalent Fractions: Thirds-Sixths-Twelfths.mp4

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Stan the Hot Dog Man by Ethel and Leonard Kessler

Read aloud of Stan the Hot Dog Man

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Mrs. McGrath reading There's No Such Thing As a Dragon

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Walter the Baker - by Eric Carle read by two teachers

Two Teachers read the story "Walter the Baker" by Eric Carle.

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Unit 14 Pages 1-3

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Letter Bb Introduction

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Three LIttle Muffins

This is a cute interactive song about Muffins. Usually in class we act out the parts with kids being the muffins, the baker and they muffin buyer. The song also uses math.

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Cooking in the Kitchen - Kids Song - Pretend Play Cooking with Fun Food for Kids

Kids pretend play cooking - let's do some cooking in the kitchen! Put your apron on, grab a rolling pin and sing along as we stir, mix and whisk up a storm with all the yummy things we'll…

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