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Hall of Fame (Clean Version)

Great edit to this song! It might be the best on YouTube! :) Check it out to see if you agree.

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Characteristics of Life

Life is difficult to define, but there are characteristics of life that can be explored! Join the Amoeba Sisters as they explore several characteristics of life. Click "show more" to expand…

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Tuesday Stories

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Reading A-Z challenge Week 6: Food Toss

Here is your video reward for week 6 of the Reading A-Z challenge. Enjoy!

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Leonardo the Terrible Monster.mp4

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Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary Read Aloud Chapter 5 Part 1 "The Pale Pink Dog"

Today Henry will enter a dog show in chapter 5, "The Pale Pink Dog."

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Just Me in the Tub Book

Join Miss Sue for Me in the Tub Book

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It's okay to be different readaloud

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Math Tuesday 4-21

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Letter T Turtle Song

Letter T Turtle Song

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Low Tech How to Draw

A small sample lesson to quickly get a concept to your students.

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Counting by 2’s to 150!

Send me a video of you counting or a picture of your numbers written. You got this!

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Mrs. Redinger- Teddy!!!

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Words to Remember: Frog and Toad Week of March 23

Quick run down of words to remember and how to use them in a sentence

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12.05.19 FINAL

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Introduction to Uniformly Accelerated Motion with Examples of Objects in UAM

This is an introductory lesson about Uniformly Accelerated Motion or UAM. I show examples of 5 different objects experiencing UAM, some are even in slow motion. We also learn my simple way of…

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