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Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

Life can be tough. It’s important to always take time to remember the things that make life awesome. This is just the start of a list. It’s only 25 things. Obviously, there are more! What…

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Can I Be Your Dog - kids books read aloud - reading childrens books aloud -reading kids book aloud

you can buy the book from amazon ▶ Can I Be Your Dog - kids books read aloud - stories read aloud -preschool books -kindergarten story. A heart-tugging dog adoption…

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Be Nice

Mrs. Marriott's class nine sentence stories. Students are not being nice at recess. Someone has to apologize.

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You're Too Short

Mrs. Young's class nine sentence stories. A boy won't let his friend play because he is too short! Another friend persuades him that is not nice.

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Be a Hero! Work It Out!

Be a Hero! Work It Out!

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💞BE KIND by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill - Children's Books Read Aloud by PV Storytime

When a young girl named Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate wants to make her feel better and remembers that Mom always says, “Be kind.” But what does it…

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How To Be A Good Friend

Today is Best Friends Day! Tell your friends you love and appreciate them and watch this video to learn how to be a good friend. How To Be A Good Friend: 1. Always listen to your friends. It is…

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Be You by Peter H. Reynolds (Read aloud)

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Chapter 22 People suffering can be comforted

Read Chapter 22 and complete pages 185, 187, and 188.

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We Miss Our Students!

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Rooted In Love-Mike Smith

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Let There Be Peace on Earth

A beautiful song. A beautiful book with beautiful illustrations. A beautiful message - especially during these long days away from school.

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Friday 2-28-2020 UPDATED

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1. 10 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams | Exam Tips For Students | LetsTute 123

The main focus has been given on: 1) Do Not Use Social Media 2) Do Not Compare Your Preparation 3) Do Not Try Any Other Book 4) Avoid Procrastination 5) Do Not Get Influenced By Someone 6) Do Not…

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“Id like to Teach the World”

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