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Front Desk, Ch. 56-60


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Front Desk, Ch. 46-49


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Front Desk, Ch. 38-41


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Front Desk, Ch. 23-26


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Front Desk, Ch. 16-19


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Storybots Letter U

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7th Grade Mary Did you Know

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Las Hormiguitas

¡Una canción divertida de movimiento, también cantado por Jose Luis Orozco! :)

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Liam's Folktale

The 3 Master Boy's

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May 1

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Alphabet for 4K-kindergarten

All the Alphabet

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Alice the camel

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Let’s learn about dragonflies!

Content Processing Grid: Animal Description Habitat Reproduction/Life Cycle Enemies/Predators

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Down By the Bay Sing-a-Story

Down By the Bay Sing-a-Story! Be my echo as I share the book!

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Escritura_Viernes_4 de Marzo del 2020

Vamos a aprender acerca de un ayudante de la comunidad. Quien es? Que hacen? y Como son?

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ERI -- Monkey and Elephant Group 4/2/20

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