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FORCE and MOTION | Cool Science Experiments for KIDS | Gideon's World of Science

Can a ping pong ball levitate? Can toilet paper fly? Find out in this awesome force and motion science video! We have fun doing cool science experiments demonstrating how force and motion work! We…

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Charts Are Like Pasta - Data Visualization Part 1: Crash Course Statistics #5

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about Statistics. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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Status Update 9.22

This episode of Status Update features an informative segment on our High School swim team, a piece on stress, some tips to alleviate it, and a feature on our District's Student Tutorial…

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2.10.2022 Announcements

2.10.2022 Announcements

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The coral reef from Above video presentation

Video presentation of powerpoint about the coral reef from above.

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Thursday Activity Time - Potato Head Project

Today we're making our own Potato Head. You'll need a glue stick, scissors, your brown potato body paper, the body parts pages and the envelope with additional foam accessories. Have fun…

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Co teach Week 13 Tub 2 November 10, 2020

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Welcome! Enjoy a sneak peek around our classroom...

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Section 12.4 Example 2

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Lesson 93 Instruction

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making ten.mp4

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Morning Message sonido con Gr-gr

Duraeante el Morning Message aprenderemos a escribir y a leer palabras con el sonido de 2 consonantes la Gr-gr.

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Morning Message sonido con Gr-gr

Continuaremos aprendiendo a leer y escribir palabras con sonidos de 2 consonantes ,esta semana el de Gr-gr.

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Marine Hymn

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Psalm 46: Shane and Shane

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MA 3_5

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