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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - March 4, 2022

March Character Word - Self control Spotlight on BES: - First Grade Authors Festival recap - Students whose art work is on display at the Gullah Museum in Beaufort Seagulls Weather with Max Today in…

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6th Grade Math Histograms

Learn how to create a histogram from a table of data, including how to find the class interval. This video contains two separate examples. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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6th Grade Math Converting Metric Units

Learn to change units within the metric system using a place value model that incorporates all the prefixes from kilo- down to milli-. Two examples and two practice problems are included in the…

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SEl Unit 3 Lesson 15 video

Emotions and your brain

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SEL Lesson 10 video

Responding to Cyberbullying

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Levels of Organization WS

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Mamma's Phone Call

Mamma's Phone Call

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nitro type boys!!

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Using Snap & Read in a PDF

Accessing Snap and Read extension on a Chromebook to read a PDF

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Reading - Tuesday September 29

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Notebook and Classdojo

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Writing Lesson Day 15

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Step 1 - Write Script

Learn exactly how to use Powtoon to craft your story, and turn it into an exciting, powerful video that engages your audience like never before! Here’s the secret — start with your script.

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Phonics 36

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Phonics 24

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2nd Grade MATH - Thursday, May 28

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